Our Story


It all started when I was a little girl. I was obsessed with the beach, shells, the ocean. Fast forward many years, I wanted to start a little business which included a few of my fav things: seashells and jewelry. I enjoyed creating jewelry for a few years but I felt my style was changing and I did not just want to be with “the trends”. Mosaic art has been somthing my eye is drawn to and I thought how could I do that with shells?? I came up with the idea to do phone cases, random! I loved the idea of carrying art everywhere you go…on your phone! Many many phone cases later and with the help of my father I finally made the case of my dreams (it was very ugly, but I knew I was going somewhere with it). The first case I came out with was the Salty Sunshine. Now I carry over 10 styles and have many many more designs that I cannot wait to launch. Back in March 2023 I came out with my first collab case with another small business, Coastl Cowbae. When I say people were obsessed I mean people were obsessed!!! Millions of viewers and 100s girls who wanted to get their hands on our case. With the huge influx of orders I needed to hire someone. Makenna (childhood bestie) came in for the rescue. Seeing this small business grow over the past 5 years has been such a blessing to see. I love seeing the Salty Drifter community growing, it makes my heart so happy you are here!

Xx Jaylee



My name is Jaylee and I’m the creator of Salty Drifter, so happy you’re here!

I live with my hubs + pup in a beach town in Southern California! my happy place is laying on hot sand watching my husband surf + my pup play in the ocean. I love the freedom which creating art gives my soul, I’ve always been a creative person so this little business has been so much fun for me. In my free time you’ll find me exploring the coast on our little boat, surfing small waves, being in warm sunshine and maybe a burrito in my mouth!!

Can’t wait to see all of your shellfies!

Stay Salty,
xx Jaylee