Tell me everything

How long will it take for me to receive my case after order date?

All shellphone cases are made to order! Sadly we cannot get orders out as fast as Amazon prime so expect your order within 3 weeks of order date! 

How do I find what size iPhone I have?

Triple check your iPhone case size! We do not offer refunds or exchanges for incorrect sizing. To confirm which iPhone you have: Settings> General> About> Model Name

Do the shells come off the case easily?

Short answer no, we use the highest grade adhesive. Those shells are very much in there! 

If I drop the case will the shells shatter?

The shells we use on all of our cases are pretty thick and the shells are lodged into the adhesive pretty well. I’ve had my case on for over 6 months and probably drop my phone once a week and I don’t have one shell broken yet!

Are the cases waterproof?

Yes! They are completely water proof!

Where do you get your shells?

I handpick the shells of my local beaches or buy from small shell business in Florida! With the huge influx of orders I’ve been purchasing shells from a cute shop in Florida. 

Do you carry Samsung shellphones?

At this time no, we only carry iPhone! We are hoping to add Samsung by the end of this year!

Do you ship internationally?

Free shipping USA wide only! Shipping can be so so so expensive if shipping outside of the US. We are trying to figure out how we can ship to our worldwide salty babes cheaper than $25-45! If you have any tips on worldwide shipping please dm us @saltydrifter or email jayleeclarkee@gmail.com